Posted by Joe Trexler on Aug 09, 2018
Our guest speaker at last week's meeting was Brett Weiss of the Weiss scholarship Foundation. Brett is a member of the Rotary Club of Naperville.  Since 2009, Brett has traveled six times to Kenya in pursuit of following his dream for combating poverty in the village of Dago. Most of his efforts have been directed toward improving the education level of the children that live there. Dago is a tiny community of 3,000 people with an average family income of less than $2 per day. In Kenyan, the average education is only four years. Only 20% of the children actually go to High School.
To combat this, Brett established The Weiss Scholarship Foundation in 2011. The goal of this foundation is to have a positive impact on all of the youth members in Dago and the Kenya area. By providing a guaranteed source of income for students to continue their education through High School, Brett's hope is that the economic & health conditions of the area will improve. Since the Foundation was started, 42 full four year scholarships have be issued. Eleven students have graduated from High School and four have gone on to University.
A full sponsorship for four years of High School is approximately $3,500. To learn more about The Weiss Scholarship Foundation and how you can help support it, visit their site at