Posted by Linda Trexler on Nov 08, 2018
The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove was honored today by a visit from District 6440's Governor, Julie Clark.  Julie's first official act of the morning was to recognize Phil Stanko as a new Paul Harris Fellow. She also awarded Paul Harris level advancements to Dave Miller and Joe Trexler.
Following up on last night's visit with the board, Julie updated the membership on changes being worked on at the District level to streamline the the grant process. The District is also working on a better way to showcase all that is going on in the district through the publication of a District News Letter. Julie also talked about the "Flexibility" factor and how that relates to individual clubs. Having a program that addresses flexibility in membership status and how that relates to the dues structure, can have a positive effect on the club's ability to attract & maintain members. Programs that offer options for spouse membership, satellite clubs and corporate-shared memberships can also add to the diversity of a club and attract individuals who might be interested in doing service projects as opposed to those that enjoy a more traditional role in service clubs. 
Julie reflected on her turning point in getting really involved with Rotary. It all happened when someone asked if she would be interested in working on a committee. Getting involved at the committee level and working with others was a fun adventure for her, and being involved led to self-training and research as she sought out a better understanding of the types of programs offered by Rotary International. How fortunate for District 6440 that she took on the challenge of learning what Rotary has to offer.