Posted by Joseph Trexler on May 03, 2018
Today's guest speaker was Dr. Jeff Johnson. He discussed some of the Rotary projects that are being planned in the Comayagua Valley area of Honduras. These projects are being offered by El Ayudante Missions Inc, a non-profit group committed to changing lives and transforming communities in the rural, agricultural areas of Honduras.
The projects differ in size and scope and focus on improving the quality of health, education and basic sanitation for the 15,000 people living in the area. One badly needed project includes providing a well for the campus of El Ayudante which houses a Medical & Dental Clinic and a Learning Center. Another would give financial support to purchase medicine for the Clinica El Ayudante, which has the only doctors withing a 25-mile radius. Water Storage basins for community homes is a third project. Due to limited water availability in the area, local communities only receive water through the piping system for about an hour per day. As a result, individual families need to have a storage basin that allows them to acquire enough water for daily functional needs.
To learn more about their Mission and the various projects they support, visit their website at