Rotary District 6440 and The Coalition of Rotary Clubs of McHenry County are teaming with local Rotary Clubs to “get the word out” to friends, families and residents in their respective communities about COVID-19. The goal is to provide locations where individuals can get information about the virus and opportunities to enroll to receive notification when their Priority Group is eligible for scheduling an appointment to receive the vaccine. Information about the priority groups can be found on the Health Department for McHenry County’s website
Individuals are being encouraged to contact their doctor for advice about getting the vaccination. The Health Department stresses that it provides information about the virus, not recommendations. Other options for getting COVID-19 information and registering for the vaccine include hospitals; Northwestern MedicineMercy Health and Advocate Aurora Health as well as local pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens.
In addition, the Coalition is encouraging individuals to consider volunteering to assist at one of the clinics that will be administering the shots. Four volunteers are needed for every medical person giving the vaccinations to help with registration, escorting patients and other logistical duties. Volunteer opportunities can be found on the Health Department of McHenry County’s website under the “Emergency Preparedness and Response” link. More information on the Medical Reserve Corps can be found at that location, as well as a Volunteer Application