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The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove invites college graduates to apply for full master’s degree scholarships at overseas universities. When the Suburban Chicago Rotary District selects scholars and approves budgets, then tuition, books, travel and room and board will be paid by The Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 6440.
Candidates must be clearly superior and ready for graduate education. The scholar must have a field of study matching one of Rotary’s six core areas:
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development.
For information and to apply, contact Jim Bradley at 847-777-1301.
At today's meeting, Rotarian Ann Hughes from the Rotary Club of Woodstock, gave a presentation of an Agro-Ecological Training Farm located in La Esperanza, Ecuador. The project provides hands-on training for local residents of ancestral agricultural knowledge and introduces new technologies to improve nutritional health in the local communities. 
The lead club for this Rotary International grant project is the Rotary Club of Winnetka-Northfield. They have been working with the Club Rotario  de Quito Equinoccio for the past three years, and are once again, looking for partnership funding opportunities. Next steps will include the construction of a post-harvest building for cleaning and packaging produce grown on the farm. In addition, a retail store for selling the produce, and a mobile retail market which will transport produce to local neighborhoods is being considered.
Visit their website to learn more about this exciting adventure.
The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove will be holding a social gathering on Sunday, February 24th for those wishing to learn more about Rotary. The meeting will be held at Cary Ale House , located at 208 W Main street in Cary, and will begin at 6:30PM. If you are interested in getting involved with a club that works on local and worldwide issues, consider stopping by and checking us out.
Today's program was presented by Barb Swanson from the Pioneer Center. Barb discussed the three programs offered by Pioneer Center; Developmental Disability Services, Behavioral Health Services and Homeless Services. She expanded greatly on the last program which supports the homeless community in McHenry County. In addition to the PADS programs offered by local churches throughout the County, which is sponsored by Pioneer Center, their facility located in Woodstock provides a comfortable bed and other housing necessities for those who are need of this temporary service. Barb stated that a donation of $2,500 allows organizations or individuals to "adopt a bed" for one year. To learn more about the other services offered by The Pioneer Center and volunteer opportunities, visit their website at
How wonderful to visit with Tiffany Au-Remington.  Past Decker Scholarship recipient and Interact Club President, Tiffany was invited to speak at District 6440's Youth Assembly.  It's hard to believe that ten years have passed so quickly.  She's developed into an amazing woman with the ability to succeed despite life throwing her numerous obstacles.  In the photo from left to right, Linda Trexler, Tiffany Au-Remington, Pat Finlon and Sue Maifield.
The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove was honored today by a visit from District 6440's Governor, Julie Clark.  Julie's first official act of the morning was to recognize Phil Stanko as a new Paul Harris Fellow. She also awarded Paul Harris level advancements to Dave Miller and Joe Trexler.
Following up on last night's visit with the board, Julie updated the membership on changes being worked on at the District level to streamline the the grant process. The District is also working on a better way to showcase all that is going on in the district through the publication of a District News Letter. Julie also talked about the "Flexibility" factor and how that relates to individual clubs. Having a program that addresses flexibility in membership status and how that relates to the dues structure, can have a positive effect on the club's ability to attract & maintain members. Programs that offer options for spouse membership, satellite clubs and corporate-shared memberships can also add to the diversity of a club and attract individuals who might be interested in doing service projects as opposed to those that enjoy a more traditional role in service clubs. 
Julie reflected on her turning point in getting really involved with Rotary. It all happened when someone asked if she would be interested in working on a committee. Getting involved at the committee level and working with others was a fun adventure for her, and being involved led to self-training and research as she sought out a better understanding of the types of programs offered by Rotary International. How fortunate for District 6440 that she took on the challenge of learning what Rotary has to offer.
The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove will not be meeting at the Cary Park District on Thursday, November 15.  We will be having our "Evening Social" at a place to yet be determined.  Chuck Barrett will let us know what has been decided.
Also, we will not be meeting on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 22nd.  Our next meeting will be back at Cary Park District on Thursday, November 29, 2018.  Have a wonderful holiday everyone!
Today's guest speaker was Karen Schultz, City Director, Refuge for Women Chicago. While their name implies Chicago, their organization works nationally and locally to assist adult women escape the cycle of sexual exploitation and trafficking. A Safe House Refuge for Women was established in McHenry County in 2006.
Karen explained how easily a young girl can be manipulated into doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do. Once begun, the trafficker's hold over them is too overwhelming for them to break away on their own, and their situation only gets worse.
Established in 2009 in Lexington, KY, Refuge for Women is a "non-profit, faith based organization providing specialized long-term care for women who have escaped human trafficking or sexual exploitation." Their goal is to help victims overcome addictions and reclaim their identities and build a brighter future.
More information can be found on these projects by visiting
Our guest speaker today was Becky Morris, Director of Resource Development for Foods Resource Bank. They will soon be changing their name to "Growing Hope Worldwide"(GHW).  Becky did an excellent job of explaining how their organization helps poverty-stricken families in remote areas to take an active role in helping to feed themselves.  GHW partners with farmers, organizations, corporations, churches, youth organizations, etc. to raise funds for developing farming in remote parts of the world.  They believe that "No one should go hungry in a world of plenty".  A one-time donation as little is $55 can help an individual become food secure for life.
Our guest speaker at last week's meeting was Brett Weiss of the Weiss scholarship Foundation. Brett is a member of the Rotary Club of Naperville.  Since 2009, Brett has traveled six times to Kenya in pursuit of following his dream for combating poverty in the village of Dago. Most of his efforts have been directed toward improving the education level of the children that live there. Dago is a tiny community of 3,000 people with an average family income of less than $2 per day. In Kenyan, the average education is only four years. Only 20% of the children actually go to High School.
To combat this, Brett established The Weiss Scholarship Foundation in 2011. The goal of this foundation is to have a positive impact on all of the youth members in Dago and the Kenya area. By providing a guaranteed source of income for students to continue their education through High School, Brett's hope is that the economic & health conditions of the area will improve. Since the Foundation was started, 42 full four year scholarships have be issued. Eleven students have graduated from High School and four have gone on to University.
A full sponsorship for four years of High School is approximately $3,500. To learn more about The Weiss Scholarship Foundation and how you can help support it, visit their site at
A new slate of officers was installed at the Rotary Club of Cary-Grove's Installation Dinner held at Lake Julian. The officers are Pat Finlon (President), Chuck Barrett (President-Elect), Sue Maifield (Secretary) and Steve Cherveny (Treasurer). The event was catered by Coleman's in the Park and, at the request of the President, included a good-old fashion picnic menu of Brats, Burgers, Barbecue Chicken and Yummy Potato Salad.
Special recognition was given to Neil Donner and Allan Stewart. While no longer members, they were two of the original members when the club was formed in January of 1970. President Pat Finlon presented both with Founding Member pins. Also in attendance were Cary-Grove HS graduates who were recognized as being scholarship recipients. This year, the Rotary Club of Cary-Grove contributed $18,000 in scholarships to students who will be pursuing higher education.
A high point of the evening was the presentation of the Jack Renskers Community Hope Award. Named after long-time Rotarian and Founding Member Jack Renskers, this award is given to a non-rotarian within the community who volunteers their time and whose efforts are often under recognized, and may not be well known in the Cary & Fox River Grove area. As part of this award, the Rotary Club makes a $1,000 contribution to the Rotary International Foundation in their name and presents the recipient with a Paul Harris Fellow Award. This year's recipient is William Pickett with the Citizens Police Academy.  
Cary-Grove High School graduates were recognized at the recent Installation Dinner of the Rotary Club of Cary-Grove. Pictured above from left to right are Joe Stanley, Robert Deischer, President Pat Finlon, Kelly Crowther, Sarah Pilut and Isabel Stenho. Thanks to the generous contribution of past member Tom Decker, the club is able to assist students who wish to pursue higher education, at both vocational and academic institutions. This year, the club awarded $18,000 in scholarships. 
Members fron The Friends of the Fox River Grove Memorial Library and the Rotary Club of Cary-Grove dedicate the opening of the Little Free Libraries that were installed in Fox River Grove earlier this spring. One is located in Lion’s Park (pictured here), the other is in the Stone Hill Shopping Center located at Routes 22 & 14 in Fox River Grove. 
Today's guest speaker was Dr. Jeff Johnson. He discussed some of the Rotary projects that are being planned in the Comayagua Valley area of Honduras. These projects are being offered by El Ayudante Missions Inc, a non-profit group committed to changing lives and transforming communities in the rural, agricultural areas of Honduras.
The projects differ in size and scope and focus on improving the quality of health, education and basic sanitation for the 15,000 people living in the area. One badly needed project includes providing a well for the campus of El Ayudante which houses a Medical & Dental Clinic and a Learning Center. Another would give financial support to purchase medicine for the Clinica El Ayudante, which has the only doctors withing a 25-mile radius. Water Storage basins for community homes is a third project. Due to limited water availability in the area, local communities only receive water through the piping system for about an hour per day. As a result, individual families need to have a storage basin that allows them to acquire enough water for daily functional needs.
To learn more about their Mission and the various projects they support, visit their website at
Members of the Cary-Grove H.S. CNC class presented the club with a Thank You plaque in recognition for our commitment to purchase a plasma cutter for their machining & engineering class. The Rotary Wheel was designed in Wood & produced on their CNC laser cutter. This plaque will be duplicated in 1/4 metal and displayed next to the new cutter when it is installed.
Today's guest speaker was Lyle Staab, District Governor Nominee Designate and District Youth Service Advisor. Lyle is with the Rotary Club of Long Grove-Kildeer-Hawthorn Woods. He spoke about Rotary programs available for our youth, Interact, Rotaract, RYLA and Youth Exchange.
He thanked our club for sponsoring the Interact at Cary-Grove High School, and presented President, Pat Finlon with a banner for us to present to them.  In addition, he acknowledged our continued support of the RYLA program.  Of course a major focus for all Rotarians is Rotary's new Youth Protection Program which was covered at last week's meeting. An important upcoming event is Youth Assembly and Training Session at Harper College on November 10, 2018.
Visit the District's website for more information about Youth Services.
The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove has partnered with The Friends of the Fox River Grove Memorial Library over the past few years to help promote literacy. One of this year’s projects is to place two Little Free Libraries within their community. These are now completed and will be installed in the spring when the weather permits. Photos of the construction phase for these libraries can be found in the Photo Albums Section of our website.

Clean water and hygiene education can improve the health of children. That's the goal of Rotary International's Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) program. At today's meeting, Narayan Murarka from the Rotary Club of Barrington (Breakfast) informed the membership of the status of the work being done in Sumpango, a part of the Rotary Club of Guatemala Sur, which is part of Rotary District 4250.

The Barrington Breakfast Club has taken the lead on the Rotary International Challenge Grants program.  Of the 46 clubs that applied for these grants, Barrington was selected as one of the four winners. Their task was to solicit individual clubs within District 6640 to raise for this project. The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove was eager to participate in this endeavor. At today's meeting, President, Pat Finlon presented Narayan with the club's check, which will be matched by Rotary District 6440. 

To learn more about the specific goals this grant will enable, visit Rotary District 6440's website.

As mentioned at today's meeting by Sue, Tiffany Au has developed a website "The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated". Tiffany is a graduate of Cary-Grove High School and is a past recipient of the Decker Scholarship awarded by the Rotary Club of Cary-Grove. Her website highlights her upcoming wedding to Caleb Remington and talks about the work they are doing together to raise funds and awareness for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Visit her site to learn more about their efforts and to learn how you can contribute toward this wonderful cause.
At this morning's weekly meeting, members of the Rotary Club of Cary-Grove were saddened to hear of the passing of Tom Decker. Tom was a long-time member and is also the benefactor of the clubs Scholarship Fund. Tom will be remembered fondly by those who knew him before he moved to California. His legacy will live on by those students benefiting from his continuing scholarship fund. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his entire family and friends. Click on the link to view his obituary.
Rotary International has declared October 24th as "End Polio Now Day" and has asked local Rotary Clubs to help promote awareness of the significant advancements made toward the eradication of this disease over the past 30 years. A special thanks to Rotarians Dave Miller and Ted Wagner for placing "End Polio Now" awareness signs at their business locations. Dave has a billboard posted at the intersection of Jandus Road and Route 14, and Ted has information on his digital signs located at Stone Hill, Foxmoor & Cary Commons shopping centers. 
Where are we in the fight to end polio? What are our successes and challenges? Find out during a live event on World Polio Day by visiting
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