Mary Bak Selected to be 2023-24 District Governor | Rotary District 6440


In the realm of Rotary International, leadership is not just about holding a position; it's about making a difference, fostering positive change, and inspiring others to do the same. Today, let's shine a spotlight on a remarkable leader, Rotary District Governor Mary Bak. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a genuine commitment to service.


  1. The Early Years: Mary Bak's journey in Rotary began with a simple desire to give back to the community. Born and raised with a strong sense of community values, she found her calling in Rotary's mission of service above self. Her early involvement in local Rotary clubs paved the way for a leadership role that would later impact the lives of many.

  2. Rising Through the Ranks: Mary's ascent through the ranks of Rotary was not a result of mere ambition; it was a reflection of her unwavering commitment to Rotary's ideals. From serving as a club president to taking on district-level responsibilities, Mary's leadership skills became increasingly evident. Colleagues and club members recognized her ability to unite people toward a common goal.

  3. Vision and Innovation: As District Governor, Mary Bak brought a fresh perspective to the role. Her vision extended beyond traditional boundaries, embracing innovation and modern approaches to community service. Whether it was implementing new projects or revitalizing existing ones, Mary's leadership breathed new life into the district.

  4. Empowering Others: One of Mary's greatest strengths lies in her ability to empower others. Under her guidance, Rotary members felt inspired and motivated to contribute their skills, time, and resources to meaningful projects. Mary fostered an environment where every member felt valued, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

  5. Community Impact: Mary Bak's tenure as District Governor left an indelible mark on the community. Through strategic initiatives, impactful projects, and collaborative efforts, she and her team addressed pressing issues, leaving a legacy of positive change. From supporting local schools to spearheading health and wellness programs, Mary's leadership made a tangible difference.

In the world of Rotary International, leaders like Mary Bak exemplify the true spirit of service. Her journey from a dedicated club member to District Governor is a story of passion, perseverance, and the transformative power of community engagement. As we reflect on Mary's impact, let us be inspired to carry forward the torch of service, making a difference in our own communities.


PR Committee
Meeting after assembly to go over Marketing Strategy for Century Raffle

- Letters to Santa
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Mary Bak visit

Merry Cary Parade
Need Truck
Shop with a Cop
Club will match donations up to $500, due by Dec 6th. 
Bell Ringing
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Paul Harris Match
Donations due Dec 7
Club will match
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Cary Grove Library is launching an Adult Literacy Launch Party on February 4th. 
Six to Seven clubs have now joined into the Multi-Club Grant. 
Know someone that has a passion project? Eager to promote someone helping the Community? 
The Rotary Club of Cary-Grove is always eager to hear from new speakers and presenters each week. If you are interested in speaking to the Rotary, please email our President Ed Connelly
Possible Community and Environment service projects were discussed with the possibility of adopting a road in Cary. Further discussions will be brought up at the Board Meeting. 
President Ed Connelly has gone over this years Club Goals which include the following:
10 Community Projects
846 Man-hours
$100k+ Donations
District 6440 has launched the District 6440 PolioPlus Society to support Rotary's promises and recently announced endgame strategy to achieve and sustain a polio-free world by 2026. The district is inviting all members to become a Charter Member. 
PolioPlus Society members pledge to donate $100 every Rotary Year to the Rotary Foundation PolioPlus Fund until the world is certified polio-free. To become a Charter Member, make your pledge and donate $100 to the PolioPlus Fund by June 30, 2022. Click here to join now
Sam Tenuto of Pioneer Center for Human Services was our guest at this morning's zoom meeting. Sam gave the club a quick overview of the new 70 bed facility that is being constructed for McHenry County PADS. The facility is not yet complete, but is currently being used on a limited basis. Fundraising for a commercial kitchen that will accommodate the preparation of meals for the residents is almost complete. This is a major goal as it will also be used to teach residents food preparation skills that can be utilized when relocating from the facility. Funds are also needed for additional projects being considered. 
While most perceive PADS as being for adults only, there is also a need to provide shelter to families with children. The program at PADS is not a permanent solution, but is designed to give temporary assistance and training to allow residents to become self-sustaining. In their presentation, Carrie Freund reminds us that "most of us are one life event away from being homeless ourselves." To learn more about this effort, visit their website at
District Governor Lyle Staab announced today that Dr. Tunji Funsho, the chair of Rotary’s polio eradication program in Nigeria, was named to TIME Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People of 2020 in recognition of his and our work. Funsho told TIME: “The polio eradication program in Nigeria has gone through some difficult times, but I never once doubted that this day would come.” He added: “One thing I know for certain, is if Nigeria could eliminate the wild poliovirus, any country can eliminate it.”
Upcoming Events
Hannah / Cary Library
Dec 07, 2023
Spanish Collection Project
Holiday Social
Dec 14, 2023
Wild Onion Pub & Restaurant @ 6pm
Emma Lischalk
Jan 04, 2024
Senior Services Associates, Inc.
Club Assembly
Jan 11, 2024
Social Event TBD
Jan 17, 2024
Speaker TBD
Jan 25, 2024
Bea Pedersen, Development Director
Feb 01, 2024
CASA of McHenry County - Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children
Glen Garlick
Mar 07, 2024
End Polio Now
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Help Rotary Strike Out Polio

2024-25 Rotary International President Stephanie A. Urchick invites 25 PolioPlus supporters to her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, to Help Rotary Strike Out Polio at the $1 Million Baseball Game.

An audacious request transforms South African schools

With the largest Rotary global grant ever awarded in South Africa, Rotarians refurbish 11 schools’ toilets and kitchen facilities.

Rotary clubs in Brazil stand ‘Together Against Polio’

Rotary members in Brazil launch an informational campaign to promote polio vaccination

Rotary projects around the globe November 2023

Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in the United States, Jamaica, Portugal, Belgium, and Sri Lanka.