Rotary club of Carol Stream members participated this week in a Random Acts of Kindness drive to do good in the community.



 The Random Acts of Kindness (*RAK) challenge?  Do something nice for someone.  While most of us strive to do this everyday, it can be a challenge to actually DO SOMETHING nice everyday.  These Rotary Club members actually helped a few individuals have a better day.   

Elise found two loose dogs running around the neighborhood in the street on the way home.  She caught them, put them in the car, and managed to drive around and found their owner! The owner was on a business call, grabbed the dogs, yelled thanks as he was running in the door. Dogs were lucky to find their way home.  She also planned a surprise party for a newlywed couple in the swimming program at the local community center.  38 other swimmers were on hand to help celebrate the "wedding" with them by providing some creative, yet "traditional" wedding fun.  

Jim provided water for some city crew folks that were trimming trees in his neighborhood.

Pam shoveled snow from a driveway and walks for her neighbor who is currently undergoing medical treatments. She did not disclose to the owner who did this. Just happy to help a neighbor in need.  She also purchased a snack for one of our GBN high school students cleaning volunteers who didn’t have the correct change. These developmentally challenged students volunteer time at the local community center to gain work experience and make our club a little brighter.

Marina gave a Server a 100% tip at a restaurant.  She also gave Cinnabons to the well deserving officers at the Carol Stream Police Dept. and West Chicago Police Dept. In addition, Marina serves food at the food pantry and noted that some of the clients were walking in the rain so she delivered them home.  They look very grateful in the photo!

Everyday, there is the opportunity to do good in the world. If everyone just did one nice thing for one other individual,  happiness would become infectious!