Our little club continues to be mighty in the era of adversity!
    20 Rotary Clubs in our 6440 District were recognized for their outstanding performance this past year! Special recognition to the 12 clubs including Carol Stream, were honored with Distinction. Thanks to the Club President, Jim Reuter, and upcoming president, Marina Mattingly, and club members for being People of Action being A Vibrant Rotary Club
The Challenge was to Unite People, Take Action, and strive for achievements that support Rotary’s strategic priorities.  Clubs achieved 50% or more of the goals in both categories were recognized.  Some of the goals that our Club reached were:
Hold a joint meeting with another club, Hold a joint service project with another club (Bell Ringing at Stratford Mall in December and Christmas Store with the community), At least 2 Rotarians not holding District positions visit other Rotary clubs in the District (Darrel Malcolm discusses Kids Against Hunger in the District, Marina discusses a possible joint fundraising venture with another club for a local zoo), Participate in another club's fundraiser by attending, working, or consulting (some of our club members attended a holiday social celebration). Hold one new social or networking activity --could be a Zoom virtual meeting (tailgating, socially distanced installation of officers and dinner in a construction company parking lot). Send one or more students to RYLA (three local HS students were chosen), signed up for a Zoom account and held a Zoom Club meeting  since March for Club members.   Encourage family participation in a club service project (many spouses accompany the club on our mobile food pantry and installation meetings). One or more club members participate in a club or district sponsored international service project and do a club presentation on the project (we teamed up with a club in Tanzania to provide medical training for personnel on Sickle cell. Rebekah described the medical issues and difficulties to the club, then Elise met the physician in charge of the project on a trip to Tanzania 2 months later). .All officers and board members have ClubRunner and My Rotary logins.  Hold an alternative meeting ( meetings have been on Zoom) during the pandemic. Participate in a District Grant (monies for our Tanzania project). Participate in Random Acts of Kindness Day (members gave coffee to tree trimmers on the street, provided an impromptu celebration of a couple's wedding at a park district function, and gave an extra tip for a restaurant worker.   The club presented a candidate for the District Vocational Scholarship for his welding career (see the article).
Our little club of 22 members does a lot for our community, our district, and the world.  We strive to exemplify the priorities of Rotary International.