Feeding the Families of our Community in this time of need
The year 2020 has seen many challenges from the COVID pandemic, to weather, to loss of businesses, to political unrest.  Underlying all of life's challenges, there is still a population in
our own communities that are food challenged.  These individuals struggle to put a meal on their tables for themselves and their families.  Rotary club of Carol stream partnered with the 
Mobile food pantry in our community to deliver food at Villagebrook apartments, Carol Stream, to a large number of needy families.  16 eager Volunteers donned masks and gloves to make sure that the event was safe and followed State health guidelines to prevent spread of COVID.  This year we served 56 families with volunteers who braved our hot summer weather to distribute meat, produce, and dairy.  There was food that was not picked up at the drive and this was delivered to the Neighborhood food pantry for their use.