Posted by Elise Ciribassi
Rotary Club of Carol Stream joins our Community in helping feed our neighbors.
April 24th is a little late to expect a snowstorm, but the Community of Carol Stream--businesses, school groups, sports groups, churches, and neighborhoods--pulled together in spite of the weather!  They managed to advertise and collect over 7 tons of food for 5 local community food pantries to help serve those in need!  Collections were started all over the community early in February and then assembled at the local Glenbard North High School on 8 foot tables down the hallway.  The neighborhoods had donation bags that were picked up from individual houses that morning.  Rotary members organized the event and staffed a local grocer to collect food as well.  The volunteers assembled at the high school by late afternoon to load the recipient vehicles with their portion of the collected food.  No one seemed to notice the sleet, rain, and snow that tried to put a damper on our fun for the day.  It just made it a memorable event!