Please note that our Foundation Chair, Tom, will email the person doing the Foundation Minute with the information to be read at our meeting.
October 17:
Greeter: Josh Brand
Pledge:  Deenie Pomilia
4-Way Test:  Steve Koebernick
Thought for the Day: Jing O'Brien
Ricky D. Corny Joke of the Day:  Bill Donahue
Foundation Minute:  Aaron Appell
Member Moment:  Brian Shepard
Fun & Frolics:  Neil Zweiban
October 24:
Greeter:  Miriam Campbell
Pledge:  Ryan Risinger
4-Way Test:  Larry Kushner
Thought for the Day:  Shannon O'Connor
Ricky D. Corny Joke of the Day:  Leslie Forman
Foundation Minute: Martha Weiss
Member Moment:  Lisa Siwek
Fun & Frolics:  Steve Balinski