Posted on Apr 09, 2019
Today our very own Dr. John Butts offered a presentation on a potential international project. John’s brother is founder/leader of a nonprofit called LinksWay Foundation. LinksWay focuses their efforts on a single village in Swaziland, Africa. LinksWay’s stated purpose is “Our purpose is to support community efforts in improving early childhood development, educational opportunities, and food security for vulnerable children and families”. Recent successful projects include: feeding over 140 hungry kids each day, drilling a well to provide clean water, and building a school with books/supplies and uniforms. The newest initiative is to fund the costs of a new preschool with proceeds from the sales of bricks that can be made with a new brick making machine.  Linksway will be seeking financial support related to the costs of a new brick making machine and other costs associated with the preschool.  John will also be presenting to a number of local Rotary clubs in the area. The club had many question for John and they thanked him for the informative presentation. More information about LinksWay Foundation can be found at: