Posted by Bill Hoff on Aug 31, 2017
Fellow Club members Wendy Davis and David Zuehlke told us about their recent trip to Guatemala.  This was David’s first trip to Guatemala while Wendy has been to Guatemala several times before.  This particular trip was with Heifer International organization.
Around a dozen years ago, our Rotary District 6440, decided to focus its international aid on the country of Guatemala.  Since that time, many of our own club members have traveled there to provide manpower in building a school for the impoverished indigenous community known as Ak’Tenamit.
David gave witness to the ravages of Guatemala’s recently ended 36 year long civil war that resulted in half the population being less than 30 years old.  “There were young people everywhere” he said.
Wendy has been an advocate of Heifer International for at least 20 years along with our club’s continued financial support for not quite as many years.
Heifer International having derived its name from its original agricultural donated asset, the cow, has been around for about 70 years and is focused on stimulating the economies of impoverished indigenous communities in 37 countries by providing the additional agricultural assets of bees, chickens, and goats, as well as, the training necessary to sustain the production thereof.
A former teacher, Wendy was delighted to find that a former resident and student of the Ak’Tenamit school was now the financial officer of the local Heifer International staff overseeing this community.