Posted by rpjr on Mar 14, 2019
Larry Kanar of Northbrook Rotary (left) speaking with Arlington club member Ron Crawford (right) about the HealthRays project in Guatemala.  Using a motivating video, he also highlighted the way Rotary's grant process works...funding which augments and amplifies the good work clubs do.  The simple X-ray units which are installed through the project bring this important tool to people in the countryside, people who in the past often had to travel for days to have an x-ray.  For more about the project, click "read More"
In addition to the x-ray units, clinics were established to house them. These now serve a broad spectrum of public health needs.  The project is a remarkable partnership between local Rotary clubs here and in other countries, and Rotary in Guatemala.  The Guatemalan government has been supportive through several presidencies.  The project continues to have a need for contributions to fund more units.  For more information about the project, click here.