At our May 26, 2016 lunch meeting, our guests included guest speaker Daily Herald Cubs beat writer Bruce Miles, our own Bill Borst, Bill Kmiecik's wife Betsy, and Brett Williams from the Park Ridge Rotary Club.  Larry and Kris Niemann also presented the rotary flag that they obtained from the Siena, Italy Rotary club during the recent three week trip to Italy. 
As our guest speaker, Bruce Miles drew upon his experience as Cubs beat writer since 1998 and delivered a very entertaining 30 minutes of insights and opinions about the Cubs.  Bruce believes Joe Maddon to be an exceptional baseball mind, a warm and caring person, and someone who just "gets it" in many respects.  Bruce also spoke highly of former Cubs managers Dusty Baker, Lou Pinella, Jim Riggleman and even Mike Quade.  Bruce is also of the opinion that it is not likely that the Ricketts family intends to develop the team for the short term in order to sell it for a quick profit, but rather to seeks to develop the team for long term success and continue to own it as long term investment. 
Bruce also believes that Cubs fans became more demanding during the playoff run in 2003, and no longer will accept being known as "lovable losers."  Bruce even had some great thoughts on the pace of play in baseball, John Lester's inability to throw to first base, David Ross' plans post retirement, the designated hitter, and the potential that an automated "umpire" would one day call balls and strikes.