Although it feels to some like we have been in lockdown mode forever, it's only been a few months.  At this week's meeting, President Ben Weaver took us on a month by month review of club events, service projects, and fundraisers.  Committee chairs Linda Borton (Admin), Karen Baker (Community Service) and Mary Jablonsky (International Service) followed up with some additional memories and highlights.  To download  a synopsis of this year's Community Service events, click here.

District Awards

We were honored to have District Governor, Suzanne Gibson, zoom in with us to recognize some special Rotarians:
This year, Governor Suzanne is recognizing all Rotarians with 50 or more years of membership in Rotary.  Jan Behrens celebrated his 60th Rotary anniversary, all with the Arlington Heights Club.

Mary Cay Chisholm was honored as one of the women of Rotary with 30 years of membership.  Like Jan, Mary Cay has been with our club for her entire Rotary life.

Bob Paddock was recognized for outstanding service to District 6440.  Bob served as the editor of the District Governor's monthly newsletter this year and has served in this role for the past 10 years.  Governor Suzanne recognized and thanked him for his commitment to excellence and great communication.

Club Awards

President Ben Weaver recognized club members who contributed to the success of the club this past year.  Nominations were submitted by fellow club members and determined by the board.

Rotarians of the Year: 
Betsy Kmiecik and Patti Lock

Service Above Self  
For individuals who exemplify through words and deeds the overarching principles and ideals of our Rotary heritage.
Joe Skibbe
Mary Stitt
Certificate of Recognition
Awarded to recognize individuals who have performed or participated in one or more specific activities in an exemplary manner
Kris Niemann
Northwest Eye Physicians
Dave Weiner
Distinguished Rotarian
For individuals who have had exemplary involvement in Rotary activities beyond our club or represented Rotary in other broader community undertakings.
Karen Baker
Linda Borton
Bill Kmiecik
Jon Ridler
Chris Wood