Harvey Mysel, this week's speaker, is a man on a mission.  He uses numbers and pictures to tell a compelling story.  There are 102,000 people on the waiting list for donor kidneys, yet last year there were less than 20,000 kidney transplants.  It is a sad, but familiar story;  there are just not enough kidneys to meet the need.   However,  there could be.    While most organs used for transplant come from deceased individuals, kidneys are different in that they may come from living donors.  
Harvey's mission is to raise awareness of living kidney donation, including what is involved and and who can donate.  He explained how paired kidney exchanges are becoming a very common and exciting option for kidney recipient and donor pairs who are not compatible with each other.   While most living kidney donors have some type of family or social relationship with the organ recipient,  there is also a growing number of "non-directed," altruistic donors, who choose to donate for purely selfless motives.     To find out more about living kidney donation, visit Harvey's website:  http://lkdn.org