Posted by Bill Hoff on Oct 31, 2019
Our most recent Past District 6440 Governor 2018-2019, Julie Clark, told us about her continuing experiences in Rotary.
October 31, 2019
When she accepted the leadership position in her local club, she had little experience in public speaking and learned how to do PowerPoint presentations.   Through her participation in Rotary and Rotary training programs she developed these skills.
She highly recommends Rotary International’s Learning Center materials found on Rotary International’s website for helping one develop leadership skills and knowledge of Rotary’s involvements.  In addition, there are a lot of useful items that can help new club officers run a local Rotary Club.
Recently she served as Chair of the Nominating Committee of District 6440 that got our own Bill Kmiecik selected as an Assistant District Governor nominee.
Currently serving as Assistant Rotary Coordinator for a “Zone” consisting of Districts 6440, 5450 and 6420 and working on membership development.
Written by W. Hoff