According to Joe Keefe, Executive Director of the  Metropolis Performing Arts Center, things at Metropolis are good and getting better.  Attendance increased by twenty percent in 2015, and the growth trend is continuing into 2016.  This resulted in a positive bottom line (a fact that elicited enthusiastic applause from the audience).  Displaying the energy and drive that made this possible, Joe provided a fast paced overview of the State of the Metropolis, followed by an extended Q & A session.  
Among the interesting information that Joe shared:
  • The Metropolis creates 350 jobs/year and has a positive $ 3.8 million dollar economic impact in Arlington Heights.
  • The Metropolis fills an important role as the most important non-equity theater in the midwest.  While this requires creativity in the attraction and procurement of shows, it plays a significant role in helping young actors who are just starting out.   
  • 2000 students are served each year by the School of Performing Arts.
  • Metropolis has many partnerships and outreach programs throughout the community, including Special Leisure Services Foundation, Arlington Pediatric Therapy, and the Library.
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