Posted on Apr 09, 2020
Monsoon rains did little to slow down the work for the Buffalo Grove Rotary Club's annual trip to Ak'Tenemit.  Dr. Chris Wood represented our club on the trip, and updated the club on everything that was accomplished during the week long service trip.  While he and his team were examining 200 students and distributing eye glasses,  others on the trip were building beds, re-roofing the visitor center, framing out and building a fitness center,  pouring a new concrete path, and providing dental care.  The work that was completed will help Ak'Tenemit expand its capacity from 600 to 800 students. 
The week ended with some R&R in Tikal, but even there the team took time to deliver water filters to two villages in Petan.   In addition to reporting on the accomplishments of the trip, Chris shared his  "take-away" observations:
  • On service trips, it is important to first people what they want
  • Happiness is not correlated with wealth
  • The concept of the developing world should be replaced by the concept of the poor world
  • Property rights are important and there is a need to assure an awareness of that
Here are some other pictures from Chris's trip