Posted on May 07, 2020
Our speaker, Marie Genevieve Pawlak, offered several suggestions on how to make Zoom meetings more effective.  Some of her ideas  were applicable to all meetings:  set your rules of engagement, know the why of your meeting, have outcomes in mind, don’t leave without an action plan, and don’t jam all of your content into a powerpoint slide and then read it.  However, other ideas were specifically targeted to Zoom. 
Among these:  master the technology by having a “producer, ”  check-in with your attendees regularly,  keep your energy high, and be yourself.  She urged us to think of Zoom as a connectivity tool, instead of just a meeting platform.  She applauded our use of breakout rooms, and encouraged us to contiue to explore other options that Zoom provides for foster connection during this time when we are apart.  Her parting advice:  Hope for the best, plan for the worst, know that it’s all ok, and have fun.