Posted by W. Hoff on Aug 17, 2017
"INGAGE Unlimited" is a 501(c)(3) organization which was founded 1 ½ years ago by Carolyn Muir (right in photo) and whose purpose is to create and foster education skills between people from our community and people in less fortunate communities.  So far, Carolyn has put together six teams with communities in Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, and South Africa.  Jodi Cyr (left) is one such teacher from our community who shared this summer’s trip to Guatemala City.  Jodi  summed up her experiences as deriving a “new focus” or “nuevo enfoque”.
Jodi has been a teacher in our District 25(K through 8th grade) system for 18 years and got involved with INGAGE at the urging of her high school senior daughter who accompanied her on the trip.  They took 10 cartons of Illinois students’ discarded school supplies and various other items.  The uniqueness of “yellow tennis balls” donated by the Barrington High School Tennis Club were objects of intense interest (finger spinners come to mind) by the children in Guatemala.  Jodi believes that her efforts and of others who participate in these programs will help lead these communities out of the cycle of poverty.
For more details about these programs see or call 847-217-6442.