Our speaker and former Wrigley Field usher, Bruce Bohrer, was provided and introduced by Kerry Pearson.  Bruce lives in Buffalo Grove and was Dean of Admissions at Harper College.  He told us of the interview process, the pay, the work, and the wonderful world of people at “the Friendly Confines”.  He later signed copies of his book and talked further about the job (Bruce on left).
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Perhaps reflecting the talked of hotel near Wrigley, he said it seems around 40% of the attendees come from out of state, including many from around the world.  This world-wide reputation had to do with the WGN effect (broadcasting all over the globe).  For the afternoon games, after settling in to the game there was time for him to relax and talk with the fans.
Asked later about rowdiness, he said it seems folks come to the park to relax.  Most are easy to get along with.
Favorite Sections?  27 (on the third base side, with great sights), 7 by the Cubs bullpen, and 118 with Cubs family seating.  He’s selling his book, Best Seat In The House, by Eckhartz Press You can reach Bruce at bb289@comcast.net or 847-347-2797.
Some of the best fan signs he's seen: