The speaker at our April 27, 2017 lunch meeting with Suzanne Ploger, the development director of Journeys, The Road Home.  Journeys provides shelter services and housing to the homeless or those who are at risk of becoming homeless in suburban Cook County. The Journey service area includes the entire northern portion of Cook County.  Last year, Journeys served 1000 people, one-third of which were from the Palatine or Arlington Heights area. 


Journeys is comprised of three primary programs, the first being the PADS shelters where every night during the non-summer season an average of 70 guests are provided a meal and a safe place to sleep on the premises of a church-partner of Journeys.  The second program is the Hope Center, which is located at 1140 E. Northwest Highway, just east of Route 53, in Palatine. The Hope Center provides those thing that you would typical have in your own home or have access to, including a shower, laundry, food, haircut, nursing assistance, and bike repair, as well as case management support for addiction, job counseling and related matters.  The third program is the Pathways Housing Program, which provides temporary transitional housing for those on the road from homelessness to stable permanent housing.


Journeys attempts to focus on the causes of homelessness, which can range from divorce, job loss and related finite issues to longer-term issues such as addiction and mental health problems.  Journeys lost its federal funding in 2016 and never had received any state funding, so fundraising has become a more important aspect of the organization. And, as other federal agencies lose their funding and may be closed, Journeys receives more and more clients.


If you are able to support Journeys with your personal efforts or financial contributions, please contact Suzanne at or call her at (847) 963-9163.