Posted by LBS on Sep 28, 2017
Joe Musolino, our Public Image chair,  kicked off the first part of this week’s program by explaining two goals for the coming year:  first,  increasing community awareness of Rotary and what we do, and secondly, communicating RI’s global messaging.   A big focus has been placed on increasing our social media presence.  Joe M. then introduced Joe Skibbe who presented an overview of the social media plan, goals, and outcomes to date.  According to Joe Skibbe, our social media goals include growing our social media audience, increasing our visibility and awareness, and enhancing social engagement. 
Joe’s plan has entailed regular, scheduled creation, posting, and sharing of content, through Facebook, Twitter, and on our Clubrunner website.  The results have been measurable and positive:  more followers, more page visits and more exposure to Rotary.  Joe outlined steps that club members can help grow our social media presence:   1.  Create accounts if you don’t already have one.  2.  Check your accounts and the Rotary Club page.  3.  Like, comment and share posts from the club’s page, as this will broaden the reach to include your network and friends.  4.  Project chairs should consider becoming page administrators for the Rotary page, so that they can post pictures of projects, and tag restaurants or other locations where projects take place.  Click here to view the full video of Joe’s Facebook Live presentation.  Don't forget to like it.