Posted by lbs on Mar 28, 2019
What do microloans, ear oximeters and a vacuum have in common, you might wonder.   As we learned at this week’s meeting, they represent three ways that grants from our Club benefitted individuals and organizations in our community.    Representing Faith Community Homes, an organization dedicated to helping northwest suburban families achieve financial stability and independence, Chuck Warner shared how our grant allowed them to enlarge their microloan program.  The microloan program lends money at no interest to help struggling families pay-off debts.   The Lutheran Home Auxiliary used a Rotary grant to purchase six ear oximeters.  Barbara Morton explained that these are being used in the Lutheran Home’s medical and memory care units for patients who cannot use a finger oximeter.  With their Rotary grant, the Arlington Heights Historical Museum purchased a museum grade, HEPA filter vacuum.  According to  museum administrator, Dan Schoeneberg the vacuum  will be used to safely clean and preserve objects in their collection, a collection which currently contains over 50,000 items.