20 Things That Belong in 2012's Time Capsule | Vibe
Our speaker this week was Greg Padovani, who presented plans for a generational time capsule project that is being undertaken here in Arlington Heights.  There are several aspects of that make this unique project different from other time capsules.   Instead of artifacts, it will contain digital messages to future generations.  Through pictures, videos, and scans, participants are asked to address two questions:  who are you, and what do you wish for future generations.   Instead of one time capsule, there will be three, each scheduled to be opened in 33, 66, and 99 years respectively with each increment of time representing a generation.
Once open, future participants  will be asked to record their own messages to the future and rebury the time capsule to be opened according to a schedule that will cover 200 years and 6 generations.  So far 60 local organizations have indicated a desire to participate, and after our meeting the number grew to 61 with unanimous support from the club.  To see slides of Greg’s presentation and learn more about details of the project click here.