Posted on Apr 19, 2018
 Perhaps like me, you have wondered from time to time, why there is no Interact Club at Hersey High School.  Today’s presentation answered that question.  It is not because students at Hersey do not care about serving others, but rather because they have been actively engaging in service for 50 years through their S.O.S. (Service Over Self) Club.   What they are doing is very impressive!
The Club is “directed” by  students in the senior class who are hand selected to be in a special SOS leadership class.  Our speakers, Emma Karmen and P.J. Quinn, were two students from this year’s class. They provided examples of some of the 50 different service projects that will be  organized and sponsored by SOS this year. 
    In the spirit of inclusion, any student in the school is invited/encouraged to participate in one or more of the service projects.  Some of these projects include:
    • Annual Food Drive- This year they collected 50,000 cans of food
    • Senior Olympics- An intergenerational event where students and seniors compete together on 4 man teams
    • Senior Citizen Day
    • “Life”- a year long program for students with disabilities to learn life skills and engage in monthly social activities
    • The Funner Olympics, held each spring for children with disabilities.    300 elementary school children are paired with a high school buddy for a day of fun.