Resolve to Get Involved
With the New Year comes a blank canvas. January offers a chance to reflect, to set goals, to imagine how you’d like to grow and to positively change your life and community in the 365 days to come. Perhaps at no other point in the year are we so primed for change, so open to new opportunities to shift established routines.
Many of the goals we set and resolutions we make center on ourselves: lose weight, exercise more, eat more healthfully, finally clear out the clutter at home. And, while many of these resolutions are beneficial, they also offer a well-trodden and inwardly focused path.
Resolve to Get Involved (cont'd)
This year, consider directing your aspirations to the greater good. Resolve to get involved in your community and to channel your energy on the broader impact you can make here and abroad. Doing so changes your focus—from inward to outward—but you’ll still reap the benefits, too. After all, there’s recent scientific research that suggests that doing good offers do-gooders some benefits, too.
Doing good—giving of your time, connection, resources, and energy—through such an organization as Rotary can, ultimately:
  1. Make a real, lasting impact for people in need, here and globally. With over 35,000 clubs and 1.2 million members across the world, Rotarians are a huge force for good in the world.
  2. Help decrease your stress levels—it’s been proven. People who volunteer feel more social connection with their fellow volunteers, reducing loneliness and depression, and lowering blood pressure overall.
  3. Lead to your own increased happiness over time. A University of California-Riverside professor who has studied happiness for over 20 years notes that positive activities, such as volunteering and donating, boost positive thoughts over time. In a nutshell, some elements of happiness may be mind over matter.
Perhaps most powerfully of all, doing good can motivate you to make volunteering a sustaining habit.  Reflecting on giving can motivate people to do so again, which means that once you’ve fulfilled a resolution to be part of positive change this Resolve to Get Involved in 2017year, you’re likely to have created a positive feedback loop that expands your effort next year, and so forth.
Joining or becoming more active in an organization such as Rotary offers huge benefits to you and to the community. Worldwide, our more than 1.2 million members embrace their diverse backgrounds and unite to exchange new ideas, apply expertise, and implement improvements that transform communities. The impact our members make takes shape at Rotary club meetings and activities.
As the new year gets underway, consider joining us or expanding your involvement with Rotary. Make a new year’s resolution to be proud of—one that will sustain you all year long.