Posted on Jul 11, 2019
 In case you haven't noticed, our website has a new look.   Beside updating the Rotary theme, and adding some pictures, the homepage content has been streamlined and reorganized.   This week's meeting featured an overview of the navigation changes and some basic education on how to use ClubRunner.
Here are a summary of the major changes:
  • There are fewer stories on the homepage.  This will make the website more user friendly to anyone using a mobile device.  Older stories can still be accessed from "Stories" on the Navigation menu.
  • Additional content was removed from the homepage and added to the Navigation Menu
    • About Our Club
      • Welcome
      • Upcoming Speakers
      • Club Officers and Directors
      • Charter Members
    • For Members
      • Directory  (you must be logged in view)
      • Meeting assignments
      • Birthdays
      • Make a payment
    • Calendars and Events
  • Other items added to the Navigation Menu are links to our Facebook page and Rotary Santa Run page.
 Among the other items reviewed were how to log in, how to determine what you can access, how to update personal information (with a plea that all members present make sure that e-mail, phone, and birthdate are current and accurate), and how to send an e-mail.  Click here for a handout with basic ClubRunner information and "How To's including How to Add an Event.