Posted by rpjr on Dec 20, 2018
Our most recent meeting brought lunch table discussions and exploration of the types of service we would like to do locally and internationally.  We also explored the idea of a member service commitment/expectation.  To read the purpose and process of the survey, click "Read more".  There you will also see the year's service Calendar and the survey itself.
Our thanks go to the Community Service committee for this process.
Community Service Project Survey [A description of the survey process, topics and goals] --
Overall Objectives. Thursday's luncheon meeting will serve as a "brainstorming session" with three
objectives in mind: (I) gauge club members level of interest in participating in service projects (2)
generate service project ideas for the 2019 calendar year and (3) create a higher level of connectiveness
within the Club by increasing member participation in service projects.
Logistics. During Thursday's lunch, members of the service committee will be spread out at different
tables in an effort to engage the membership about community service. Each table will have copies of
the surveys and a copy of the current service project schedule. During lunch and a short period
thereafter, committee members will survey their table mates to find out how they would like to be
involved with the Club during 2019. Towards the end of the lunch/meeting, each table will be asked to
talk about a couple of service project ideas. To do this, we ask that each committee member get a
completed survey from each person at their table and get a consensus on an idea or two.
Favorite Community Service Project. Here we're trying to figure out if there are current service
projects that should be expanded or past projects that could be resurrected. Santa Run does not count
as a service project. If a member cannot come up with a favorite project, hopefully they will start
thinking about their responsibilities as a Rotarian.
Defining Community. Everyone has different opinions on the size of our service area. Should our
projects be limited to Arlington Heights? the northwest suburbs? the Chicagoland area? This would
give us a good feel for how far members are willing to travel.
Types of Service Projects. We listed 18 areas of service that the Club has served over the years. We're
trying to gauge what are the members' interests.
Give us a Service Project Idea. Critical question here. Our aim is to get new ideas from club
members. By adopting a member's idea, they'll be more apt to participate in the project and work to
get more members involved.
Leading a Service Project. Ideally, we'd like each Club member to serve as a project leader at some
point during their tenure with the Club, with Committee members acting as facilitators to ensure the
project's success. For the past few years, Cornn1ittee members have been the volunteers rather than
administrators. Assess willingness of club members to lead service projects.
Target Hours. Other than the past luncheon requirement, setting an expectation for each member
hasn't been really been addressed. We're trying to assess the membership's attitude towards setting
some sort of participation requirement. Second, we always promote how much money we raise for the
community through our two major fundraising efforts. Should we set a Club service hour goal that we
could promote along with fundraising accomplishments?