Posted by LBS on Jul 14, 2017

In his final Foundation Minute of the year, outgoing Foundation Chair, Jon Ridler, announced a major change for the club.  Effective immediately, we will be discontinuing the “mandatory” $ 4 weekly fine assessment .   Instead, members will be given the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the Rotary Foundation’s Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY)  program. 

The EREY program recognizes clubs in which every member contributes $100/year to the Rotary Foundation (TRF).  Historically the Club has made an annual donation to TRF on behalf of each club member- a donation which has been financed in part by the weekly fine collections.  Jon and the Foundation committee hope this change will represent a more direct philanthropic connection for club members.  There will be envelopes on the tables each week for anyone who wants to make a cash contribution, or members can write a check to The Rotary Foundation. 

This does not mean the end of finemasters, or fun and frolic.  The finemasters will still be collecting happy fines- and testing our knowledge, but the donations will now be purely voluntary.