Mary Kendall and Walter Grandberry gave their Classification Talks, introducing themselves in greater detail than Dr. Joe’s 3 Facts and a Lie.  Walter told of growing up in Chicago with two brothers and playing the alto sax in grade school.   After attending the military academy he was stationed in Ft. Benning Georgia.  He met Jennifer, his wife-to-be, at Chicago’s Kingston Mines.  What helped convince her?  Being a man of his word and having good dental hygiene!  They’ve been married 13 years and have lived in Arlington for the past 11, having two daughters, 10 and 8.
Working in pharmaceutical sales, he switched to health care and then fund raising for the organization, Gateway for Cancer Research.  He proudly noted that for the organization, 99 cents on the dollar go to fund meaningful and breakthrough clinical trials worldwide that help people living with cancer to feel better, live longer and conquer their disease. 
Mary Kendal, the oldest of 5, grew up in Skokie, often working at her father’s nursery.  Having attended St. Scholastica High School, Chicago, and U of I for textile and apparel marketing, has been working part time and as a mom (She and her husband have two children). She related life in which she had to reinvent herself several times as she followed her husband to different cities for his job -- 5 houses over 25 years !  Wherever she has gone she has found community service a great way to help, meet people and get connected.  For contact information and to learn more, click...
For more about Walter's organization, its charitable rating and the trials it underwrites, go to  He can be reached at Gateway for Cancer Research, 1336 Bassword Rd., Schaumburg, 60173, “Walter”, 847-342-6477.
Mary's travels include working at Bloomingdales in Dallas, then community development there.  She spent 8-10 years as a property manager and moved to Chicago, then to Boulder, Colorado for five years.    Her husband was transferred to Chicago, so she reinvented herself by becoming a residential appraiser.  He husband was transferred to Benton Harbor and they moved again.  She there worked with the economic development council .  Her husband was transferred back to Chicago and she worked with H. S. Dist. 214 and the real estate management and a recruiter.  All her connections had a service thread.  She has been with Jr. Achievement for a year, working with pilot programs and supporting corporate partners in the NW Suburbs.
Her contact information in her role as Operations Manager for the Suburbs, Jr. , Achievement of Chicago, is 8383 W. Belmont Ave. – Ste. 303, River Grove, IL  60171, 708-456-5750,  For more about Jr. Achievement go to