Posted on Jul 11, 2019
Most of us will agree that Rotary is more than a weekly lunch meeting.  We do community and international projects,  and we raise money for worthy causes.  While It is easy to quantify what we give out in donations and scholarships, it is not so easy to quantify the time and effort that goes into doing projects and raising money.  As Karen Baker explained, this year we are starting a new initiative to tackle that and we need your help.
Starting with this first meeting of the new Rotary year,  we would like to track member time investment in three fundamental areas:  Humanitarian Service, Club Service, and Fundraising.   Members are asked to self report their activity in a notebook that will be kept at check-in.  Just mark off what you have on the checklist with your name.  In addition to helping us identify and report what we have done as a club, this will also help us to better recognize and celebrate individual engagement.  Thank you for your participation and cooperation with this initiative.