… of a life leading up last week to the Cubs winning.  Marc was giving his new member Classification Talk.
Marc, too, expressed his excitement about the Cubs, growing up on the West Side, and now in the World Series.  Marc lives in Arlington Heights with his wife Vicky.  They have three children.  But it started painting in college…working in financial services and realizing working in a cubical was not for him!
He got a painting job and joined the painters union as an apprentice, was offered a job for the Ritz Carlton organization, then started a firm with a friend…and later went out on his own, again with the encouragement and support of his wife.
He shared tips with us about hiring a painting company:
  • Make sure the firm is insured and employees covered.It’s easy for a firm to have an insurance certificate sent to you..
  • Keep in mind that quality often is equated with price.
  • Get a written contract.
  • Seek a warrantee – a common one is for 2 years.
  • Good materials are important.
  • Ask for references (three are a good number)
  • In response to questions, he said his firm offers 1 hr. of free color design work by a consultant, 18” x 24” sample boards.
For more information, see his website ( marcpoulospainting.com ) and for Marc's contact information, see/click More
W (847) 483-9094
119 S Emerson St #119
Mt. Prospect IL 60056