This week's speaker, our own Mary Jablonsky, opened with the disclaimer that she never forces others to view her vacation pictures...  If all of her trips are like her trip to Africa, it is hard to see why.  Earlier this year, Mary traveled with her niece and nephew to Kenya.  What a trip it was.  They started in Nairobi where they met up with local Rotarians, delivered supplies and clothing to a school, and toured the impoverished neighborhood in which it was located.  They were hosted for a traditional Kenyan meal, and were met with wonderful hospitality.  
Traveling just a short distance outside of Nairobi, they encountered a totally different world full of wildlife and birds,  including lions, rhinos, giraffes, impalas, ostriches, flamingos, warthogs, and hyenas.  They even visited an elephant orphanage.  The trip was a graduation present for Mary's niece, and based on Mary's wonderful pictures, it looked like an unforgettable experience.