Jennifer Mallo will be our newest shared member joining Courtney Bayron from Waverly Inn Memory Care Community.  Originally from Toledo, she grew up with her grandparents, which helped inspire her interest in senior living.  Today she is the Executive Director of the newest Waverly Inn which will be opening in July.    Jennifer has always had a interest in other countries, and still corresponds with her third grade pen pal from New Zealand!  She also had an early exposure to Rotary when she had the opportunity to be a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Denmark. 
She even treated us to an impromptu sample of the song that she sang in the RYE talent show.  Jennifer has been a long term ACS volunteer, lobbying for palliative care, done lots of community service, competed in figure/body building competitions, and run 2 Chicago marathons.  She lives in a self-described “Brady Bunch” family, including a five year old son in Mundelein.