On January 3, 2019 our lunch speaker was Ivan Soberon Azuara, the 2014 inbound Rotary exchange student to our club.  During his time here in 2014, Ivan stayed with the Ducheks, Paddocks, and the Mormons, and enjoyed various Chicago activities, including the Cubs game, a Bears game, and a Notre Dame football game.   
Since 2014 Ivan has obtained several technical and business degrees, including an MBA, and is currently working on his PhD in business management systems.  Ivan is employed by a helicopter company in Mexico that primarily provides helicopter service to the oil and gas industry.  There are approximately 80,000 people living on the water in the Gulf of Mexico and working in the oil and gas industry.  Ivan's company provides all kinds of standard and emergency transportation to the oil and gas companies and those many employees.  The company also provides VIP transport, firefighting service, electricity powerline surveillance, and transport for geological surveys.  Ivan is the training manager for dispatch, engineering, maintenance, and helicopter pilots.  Ivan is also a Rotarian at his local club in Mexico.