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Each year, the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights commits to a Community Service theme that guides all volunteer and grant-making efforts. The 2017 theme is Making a Difference in Arlington Heights. This spring, we sought grant applications from organizations interested in launching or expanding programming to serve community residents. Rotary leadership is pleased to announce our six grant winners and introduce their projects. 
Teaching student athletes big lessons
The successful Human Performance Project teaches student athletes about avoiding drugs and alcohol, holding teammates accountable for their actions, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. When implemented successfully, the project can change school culture. The Human Performance Program has been implemented successfully at schools around the country as well as locally in our area. To bring the program to Hersey High School and Thomas Middle School, administrators have been working with the Link Together Coalition and OMNI Youth Services.
A comprehensive approach to changing cultures, attitudes, and beliefs
Since athletes are influencers among peers, addressing substance use among this population will be beneficial in reaching non-athletic students as well. Over the last two years, the Link Together Coalition has brought the Human Performance Project into other District 214 schools. In March 2017, Link Together Coalition hosted a Human Performance Project conference—with outstanding feedback among participants, including those from Thomas and Hersey.
Leadership training and materials
The Human Performance Project is a community effort for schools. Successful program delivery involves students, parents, coaches, and teachers. With $2,500 from a Community Grant awarded by Rotary Club of Arlington Heights, both schools will be able to initiate leadership training for participants and provide printed materials for students as well as parents, coaches, and teachers—easing communication and more efficiently communicating program value. With better coordination, program administrators can more consistently and clearly convey program information to students year-round. Community Grant funds will help establish programming for both schools.
The Rotary Club of Arlington Heights is dedicated to ‘Service Above Self’ and contributes monies raised through our primary fundraisers, Rotary Santa Run and the Special Leisure Services Foundation Classic Golf Outing. Funds are donated through the Arlington Heights Rotary Club's Community Grant Program. For more information on the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights and the Community Grant Program, please visit