Posted on May 17, 2019
This week  we had the opportunity to learn more about two of the newest members to our Club, Wes Weems, and Dr. Faustino “Tino” Santiago.  
Tino Santiago (l),  Wes Weems (r)
Wes has been working with the Boy Scouts for thirteen years.   He is currently the Field Director for the North Team of the Pathway to Adventure Council.  He provided us with a broad overview and update  of scouting in our area, including programs we are familiar with like Cubs and Scout troops, and programs that many are less familiar with like Explorer Posts.  He made special note of the scouting and soccer initiative which  started  in 2008 and brings 1000 families together for soccer and scouting.  Wes has two sons, the oldest of whom is an Eagle Scout.  
Dr. “Tino” Santiago is the newest member of Northwest Eye Physicians where he provides full scope medical optometry.  A native of our area by way of school in Boston, Tino likes rugby, outdoor sports and hiking, Halloween and the White Sox.   He also has a passion for service whether it is providing medical services abroad, or serving make that singing in a soup kitchen.  He has also been politically active in lobbying for optometric causes.  Tino and his wife just bought a home in Mt. Prospect and they’re expecting their first child in July.