Jim Hassenplug, this week’s finemaster, was ready to launch into this week’s questions focusing on the Rotary Foundation, when Chris McClure, stopped him to ask about Happy Fines.When questioned if he had a specific happy fine to report, Chris replied no, but that in his role of treasurer, he was looking for the money…..which brought a smile to everyone present.  Thanks for keeping an eye on things, Chris!
Fortunately, as always there were many happy fine paying Rotarians. Ron Walter was happy to see Mary Stitt, and looking forward to a visit with the inbound youth exchange student from Japan that his family hosted several years ago; Neil Scheufler was thankful for the assistance that Mary Cay Chisholm has provided to his wife, Linda; Todd Rollins popped the question and she said yes;  Deb Whisler was happy to see our guest Mary Stitt, who helped Deb get involved in the community when she first came to Arlington Heights, and excited about her upcoming trip to the Napa Valley and Pebble Beach; and Linda Borton was energized by this week’s Wheeling Pantry food shopping where Rotarians Bill and Betsy Kmiecik, Rick Koebernick, Mary Kendall, and Jason Ivy were joined by Jason’s cub scout troop. On a sad note, Jim Hassenplug lost his mother-in-law.
For this week's Rotary Foundation Quiz questions  
1.  What Club made the first donation to the Rotary Foundation?
2.  In what year was the Rotary Foundation formally established?
3.  Why was there a large influx of funding into the Rotary Foundation in 1948?
4.  Who are 2 notable Rotary scholars?
5.  How many Rotary members are there around the world?
6.  How many Rotary clubs are there around the world?
7.  How many Rotaract members are there around the world?
8.  How many Interact members are there around the world?  
1.  Kansas City
2.  1928
3.  Donations were made to the Rotary Foundation in memory of Paul Harris who died in 1947.  
4.  Paul Volcker and Roger Ebert
5.  1, 207,913
6.  35, 399
7.  216,062
8.  465,474