Fine Masters are willing to try new material!  Jim Hassenplug said he’s open to using quizzes and questions from other club members; just send him an e-mail ( ),  This week’s quiz is from Jan Behrens, an October Fest of famous Germans.  Whatever the source…we still pay, though.  But that’s of course good because it’s for a very good cause. 
Happily paying were Linda Borton who expressed thanks for the help at the Immunization Clinic (to Randy Recklaus, Nick Pecora, Glenn Garlick, Bill Borst).  Jon Ridler offered opportunities to help with the chamber’s beer-tasting Saturday.   Tim Corrigan for his oldest daughter’s happiness.  Mary Jablonsky was happy for the good spirit and work by our Rolling Meadows Interact club gathering 1500 boxes of cereal for food pantry and raising $400 through a Pinky polio fight event.  Deb Whisler for the creative catapults event at the Library…and for Bill Murray (ask her for the story).  Brian Meyer was happy for the food pantry donation and for the Softly Worn Shoes project (drop off used shoes in good condition at the local park buildings).  Patti Lock for the opportunity to present club flags as she travels to Tampa and Galveston.  Ron Crawford for the Santa costumes hopefully arriving this coming week.  Bob Paddock for the professionalism of club Rotarians, citing Patti Lock's running of the Tall Ships event in Chicago.
For the quiz, see ...More.
Here are samples from the quiz:
  1. What man was born in 1938 in London and in 1973 was awarded a Nobel Prize?
  2. What woman was born in 1959 in West Germany and famously stabbed to death in 1994?
  3. What woman was born in 1928 and appeared on a Planned Parenthood talk show in the 1980s?
  4. What man was born in 1685 and wrote opera and oratorios?
  5. What man was born in Wurrtemberg 1879, dogged a draft, dropped out of school?
  6. What woman was born in 1954, studied Russian and Math, has a doctorate in Chemistry and is the first woman to ….?
Answers are
  1. Henry Kissinger
  2. Nicole Brown
  3. Dr. Ruth Westheimer
  4. Handle
  5. Alfred Einstein
  6. Angela Merkel