Our Fining Fine Master, “Dr. Joe” Musolino, let us pay for our happiness with some Cubs caveat’s (take a dollar back if wearing something Cubby, add a dollar if you’re a Cardinals or Sox fan, and if you went to sleep during “the rain delay”!
Wendy Davis was happy about being up and well with her new hip.  Jim Bertucci for Jennifer’s birthday.  Ron Walter for the recent visit to Disneyland with former Japanese exchange student, Yuka, and her family.  It is a great example of the power and pleasure of life-long relationships through the Rotary Exchange programs.  Jim Hassenplug thanked Bill Kmiecik and announce Jim’s Arlington Security has moved to a good location on Arthur Ave.  Ron Crawford thanked Bill Kmiecik for the neighborhood announcement of the Cubs’ win.  And Bill Kmiecik apologized for his guess as to the games in the series.  Will Biersdorf was thankful for being back, and made Veterans’ Day bracelets available.  Millie Palmer persuaded us in lawyerly fashion that the Cubs rain delay wasn’t really due to rain, it was due to the Nuns !
Because of the historic Cubs win, Joe quizzed us on which was earlier, the previous Cubs World Series win or a series of noteworthy events.  See More for questions and answers.
We were quizzed on which was earlier, a cited event or the preceding Cubs World Series win:
That Cubs win or
  1. The sinking of the Titanic,
  2. or the start of Teddy Roosevelt’s second term,
  3. or the founding of the Boy Scouts,
  4. or the capsizing of the Eastland,
  5. or the approval of the use of voting machines,
  6. or the invention/introduction of the Model T Ford.
Answers: earlier were…
  1. Titanic
  2. Cubs
  3. Cubs
  4. Cubs
  5. Voting machines
  6. Model T