Posted by Patrick McMahon
The guest speakers at our February 22, 2018 Rotary lunch meeting were from the Metropolis Performing Arts Center.  In attendance from MPAC were Randal Klaproth, Abby Vombrack, and Megan Wilhyte, and of course our own Neil Scheufler. The MPAC representatives spoke about the recent grants from our club to MPAC and how MPAC has used the funds in the School of the Performing Arts “Flourish in the Footlights" program.  Flourish in the Footlights is a program where special needs adults are engaged in acting class and an onstage production.  Megan has been the lead instructor for the program for the last 13 years, which is in its 15th year, and has seen many of the program's participants return each year.  The program starts in September with acting classes and ends in April with the performance.  The Rotary grant money has been used to improve the production values of the performance, including new and improved costumes, equipment, set pieces and the cost to have a licensed occupational therapist on site at all times.  This year‘s performance is on April 14, 2018 and is titled "Father Goose’s Storyville Returns".  The cost of the tickets is $8.00 and can be purchased at\sopa.