If you’re scared about Internet security, it is not paranoia.  According to this week’s guest speaker Terry Kurzynski of Halock internet crime is on the rise and continuing to grow.   Bob Paddock shared a very real and frightening example of how sophisticated internet criminals have become.   Attacks can come from a variety of sources:  kids,  organized crime, advanced persistent threats from countries like China and Russia, and inside jobsI.  It only takes one user to make a mistake that can expose an entire organization which has mbiggest ade users the “attack vector” with attacks that can come in the form of “wire me, click me, open me, plug me, and even log-ins.”   Terry recommended never opening email attachments – even from trusted senders, unless you are expecting them.  Other recommendations included creating “strong” and unique passwords, changing passwords frequently, and opting for multifactor authentication when it is available.