Posted by rpjr on Aug 24, 2017
  • Our condolences also go to Jim Thomson on the passing of his father (an Honor-Flight participant last year) and to Jim Hassenplug, on the passing of his father. 
  • Mary Stitt of our Community Services Committee asked that we bring basic household supplies to the Steak Fry.  She said that though we give $6,000 to the Wheeling Food Pantry, rules are such that those in need can't get much of such things as toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, napkins, tooth paste.  Please bring such things from home or perhaps from Costco or the like.  Also, keep in mind the box we have at our weekly meetings for those travel toiletry items you collect.
  • September is an enjoyable, busy, and important month for us -- the Annual "Steak Fry"/BBQ is Sept. 8 and is now even more affordable – cost of a guest is $30 instead of the previous $50!  And Sept. 14 is our second biggest fund raiser, the Duffer of the Year golf outing in conjunction with NW Special Leisure Services organization.  This  year it's honouring our own Neal Scheufler.  Let’s all make a special effort for this success.  Please sign up for Foursomes, sponsorships, volunteer opportunities and especially dinner even if you’re not playing golf -- it's Fun, Frolics, Fairways and Funds!
  • Ron Crawford encouraged us to think about the district’s spring service trip to Guatemala (the Buffalo Grove Club has one too).  There will be an informational meeting 11/1.  Cost is about $1,700 and includes airfare, hotel and meals.  Volunteers will be comfortably housed, and will be hosted/welcomed by local Rotarians (often a very unique experience for visitors).  We'll work at the Ak Tenamit school compound for 4 days and this year will travel to see some remarkable ancient ruins.
  • Our guest today was Jennifer Burnidge’s daughter Ashley.  Welcome!
  • If you’re not getting the Rotarian Magazine, please let Larry Niemann know ( ) .  It’s great reading and is paid for through your dues.
For Mark Tauber's "Fun and Frolics" and "Happy Fines", click "more".
    Tim Corrigan Happily contributed, saying even though Eclipse traffic was bad, seeing the Totality view was remarkable and worthwhile.  Bob and Mary Edith Arnold are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary, Ron and Diane Crawford their 40th.  Congratulations! 
    Fun and Frolics Master Mark Tauber did a Masterful job as usual!  Thanks, Mark.  His quiz celebrated the coming football season:  1.  Which NFL quarterback had the most attempts?  2.  Which teams play in the Bayou Bucket?  3. The Old Brass Spittoon? 4. American  League team in Superbowl III ?   5. Worst shut out in the National League?  6.  Prior name of the National Football League & it’s first president ?
    1. Bret Favre
    2. Houston and Rice
    3. Indiana and Michigan State
    4. New York Jets
    5. Chicago Bears, 73 to 0
    6. American Professional Football Organization…Jim Thorpe (right) !