Posted by Patrick McMahon

On April 12, 2018, the speakers at our Rotary lunch were Nicole Espinoza and David Robb of the Social Services Division of the Village of Arlington Heights.  Nicole is the Social Services Coordinator, and David is the Disability Services Coordinator.  The Social Services Division recently shifted its focus to a holistic or wellness approach that doesn’t look only at the specific need or event that prompted an individual to seek assistance, but rather evaluates all of the potential needs of the individual and utilizes connections with many partners in the community to provide services to individuals of all ages and demographics.  The holistic approach includes a mental health assessment, which is initiated for all individuals who contact the division.  The division also now provides referrals to and a payment subsidy for outside counseling services for individuals who need specialized treatment.  The division also is actively involved in crisis intervention with the Village police and fire departments when mental health issues are involved, and training of police and fire professionals to deal with mental health issues.  Division services also include an emergency assistance fund to provide temporary or short term hardship funds, the holiday assistance program, and other programs.  In his role as Disability Services Coordinator, David Robb is actively involved in assuring that the facilities, programs and services offered in the Village are accessible to the disabled.  He also counsels with local businesses to make their own businesses more accessible on a voluntary basis, as well as investigating complaints regarding lack of accessibility.


Our club regularly contributes to and participates in Social Services Division programs such as the Thanksgiving baskets, gift cards, holiday giving program, and the immunization clinic.