What an interesting, impressive alternative to our regular meeting !  We relocated for lunch and a field trip to see the newly remodeled Arlington Park District swim and exercise Facility on Euclid across from the former Arlington High School.  Pictures tell most of the story -- the former Swim Center has been expansively remodeled and expanded. To see a comprehensive review from their website, click here.
Our host, Brian Meyer, gave us background comment about the facility, programs, construction and financing. He and associates gave tours to Rotarians and several wives...folks seemed almost tempted to put on sweat suits or swim suits and jump in!   For some of the comments and a few Rotarian photos, click "Read more".  You'll also find our Happy Fines there and another Fine Millie Quiz, shared for charity.
First, Madame Millie's quiz and Happy Fine Comments from Rotarians for charity:
  • As your "scribe" reporter for the day, I will echo the comments about being proud to be a Girl Dad, in the spirit and memory of Kobi Bryant and his appreciation of his daughters.
  • Amy Philpott announced her return to the club.  We're glad to have you here!
  • We were glad to have Deb Whisler visiting (She said she's enjoying retirement...but apparently still enjoys the good company of Rotarians!).
  • There was Happiness for having celebrated the Lunar New Year with family and friends and no flu!
  • Bob Paddock paid for an ad?  He extoled the unique benefits of his Hobe Kayak...and had it in the back of his car, willing to show it to anyone who was curious.
  • Wendy had one of her "favorite" offspring with her....Welcome, and a warm welcome to the several spouses and friends were were in attendance!
Millie's Quiz Questions -- perhaps in the spirit of Bob's Boat, but more in the spirit of a love of history of many sorts, the quiz was about Noah's Ark:
  1. According to the Bible, Noah was a 10th generation descendent of one of Adam's and Eve's children; who was that?
  2. How old was Noah when he built the Ark?
  3. As a ratio of the size of the Titanic, how big was the Ark?
  4. What was material of which the Ark made?
  5. What was the symbol of God's promise not to do that again?
  6. What mountain or range is it believed the Ark came to rest on?
  7. What was Noah's occupation when he got off the boat?  [No, not shoe maker nor veteranarian : )  ]
  8. What was the first animal off the boat?
Answers: 1.  Seth; 2. 600 +/-; 3. 1/3; 4. Wood; 5. Rainbow; 6.  Mt. Ararat in Turkey; 7. Vintner; 8. A raven.
Our member, Brian Meyer of the Arl. Hts. Park District, organized our tour, provided background comments, and answered questions.  It's a remarkable, open facility with not only good swimming and a warm water pool, but also an indoor area for kids, large workout rooms with up-to-date equipment.  The indoor walking track is very large, due to the double ball courts around and above which it was built.  For questions and information, visit the district website (above) or contact Brian, briem2003@yahoo.com , 847-506-7130.   
  • The District is trying to have fees and memberships cover operating costs.
  • Memberships in one month have almost met the goal for the year!
  • Rehab and construction took less time than expected.
  • Of the $17 million, about $13 million came from bonds and $4 million from district reserves. 
  • About $1 million went toward building improvements.
  • Costs are planned to be covered by taxes for 50%, and 50% by fees and charges.
Thanks and congratulations, Brian !