Rotary club members (and not the Membership Chair) are the real force behind membership growth and engagement, according to Jason Ivy, Membership Chair and this week's speaker.  Due to solid growth over the past two years, our club is currently one of the largest in the District with over 80 members on the books.  However, he noted that too many members are rarely seen.   To address this, he is asking anyone who sponsored a member,  to assess  if the members they sponsored are actively engaged in club activities.   If not, and they are still members, he is asking sponsors to contact them to see what is going on, and if there is something that we can do to reengage them.  While this is primarily directed to sponsors, everyone is urged to reach out and contact someone that they have not seen for a while.
In order to maintain healthy membership, Jason announced The 4 Week Endurance Challenge. a contest to help promote Rotary and our Club.   Each week will bring a new challenge.  Members that complete all 4 challenges will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice.    Here are the rules:
Week 1:  September 6-12.    Wear your Rotary pin or Rotary attire all day on a non-Rotary Day.   After completing the challenge send Jason an e-mail, text, or post it to social media and tag our club.  
Week 2:  September 13-19.  Tell someone that you are in Rotary and why you like Rotary.
Week 3:  September 20-26.  Tell someone that you are in Rotary and tell them about one of our service projects/fundraisers.
Week 4:  September 27-October 3.  Take someone out coffee/drink and just happen to tell them about the AH Rotary Club.
After each weekly challenge, send Jason an e-mail or text, or post it to social medial and tag our club.  Everyone who completes all 4 weeks of the challenge will automatically receive a $10 Starbucks gift card and be entered into the drawing for the restaurant gift certificate.  The drawing will take place during the October 10 weekly meeting.