Posted by rpjr on May 24, 2018
  • Thank you, Wendy Davis: members signed thanks/acknowledgement cards for veterans, and will be inserted into Welcome Bags to vets who participate in the “Road Home” program at Rush Hospital, administered by fellow Rotarian Will Beiersdorf.
  • EG Rotary Event reminder: The Elk Grove Rotary Fest will take place June 13th- June 18th.
  • Conversation and driving for some visitors from India, please contact Linda Borton.  Planned itinerary (see “more” for description).  .
  • Mark the Date for President-Elect Jon Ridler’s induction dinner, June 14 !  There won’t be a noon meeting.
  • Kerry Pearson asked for school supplies and suit cases so that the Prospect High Rotary Interact Club can send needed items to Africa and make them available to low income kids in our own area.  Contact Kerry for more info.
  • Brian Meyer found a meaningful experience in Mock Interviews at South Jr. High, noting he used the occasion to let students know of the High School Rotary Interact clubs and the good work they do.  Other Rotarians participate in the “interview” too and have said it’s a very meaningful break from our busy business days.  Thanks, Brian for your involvement
  • Bob (Larsen) Paddock was happy to have celebrated Norwegian Constitution Day, and for the several Lisagor Awards won by the Daily Herald staff for journalistic excellence.
  • Jon Ridler was both happy and resigned for the upcoming college life of his daughter.
  • For changes for our meetings and membership procedures, see 5/17 Board Meeting Notes in story below.
  • Fine Master of Happiness (and good posture), Dr. Joe Musolino, entertained us and garnered fees for charity via today’s Rotary Quiz. To see if you know the answers, read "more".
  1. How many Rotary Clubs in the world?
  2. Which countries have the largest number of clubs?
  3. There are 31 countries with only one Rotary club.
    1. A small country with no war for over 1,000 years and speaks Catalan?
    2. African country with shrinking lake and remarkable corruption?
    3. Country with remarkably high population density -- 4,959 inhabitants per square kilometer, and noted for some remarkable monkeys. 
    4. Country with the smallest Rotary club (4 members).
    5. Country with no airport and whose residents aren’t permitted in some places there.
    6. Country known for breadfruit and made up of 155+ islands off the coast of Africa.
  1. 34,000 +
  2. The U.S., and then India.
  3. Of the 31 countries with one club
    1. Andorra
    2. Chad
    3. Gibraltar
    4. Greenland
    5. Monaco