Greetings from the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights

Greetings from the
Rotary Club of Arlington Heights!

Arlington Heights

Service Above Self

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  • There is still time to sign up for the New Membership Event on Wednesday, May 22 at the Arlington Ale House.  Although targeted for newer members, all members are invited to attend.  In addition to fellowship, Joe Musolino will be sharing information on the Rotary Foundation.
  • Sue Duchek is looking for generous Rotarians who would like to support Salute by joining the Mayor’s Challenge.  (Mayor Hayes will donate $5 for every person who beats his time in the Salute 5k/10k.)  If you are interested in joining Picket Fence, please contact Sue.
This week  we had the opportunity to learn more about two of the newest members to our Club, Wes Weems, and Dr. Faustino “Tino” Santiago.  
Tino Santiago (l),  Wes Weems (r)
Our speaker for the luncheon unexpectedly had to cancel…but a good & interesting time was had -- President Jon suggested we do round robin, abbreviated classification talks.  It was a chance for all to find out about "that person" at the other table – name, current or former occupation, and the most significant thing enjoyed about Rotary.  Some of the answers are below.  They show the breadth of the Rotary experience in addition to the club's efforts to make our world a better place.
  • Mike Caputo – restauranteur and currently a home inspector – enjoyed helping on our various projects.
  • Mary Cay Chisholm – owner/operator of Northwest Speech and Hearing – was the second woman in the club (the first was Margaret McDonald) – enjoys participating in club events (long hours and responsibilities prevent being involved in much committee work).
  • Patti Lock – producer of maritime events – has been in Rotary 9 years – likes helping out on many projects.
  • Mary Stitt – teacher and principal – has enjoyed traveling on Rotary service projects to several parts of the world, and enjoyed hosting exchange students.
  • Sue Duchek – owner and operator of real estate company – has enjoyed hosting and interacting with exchange students, most recently was Ivan, now a Rotarian in Mexico.
  • Ben Weaver – attorney – volunteering has been important; he and his wife met as Peace Corps volunteers in Africa.  Ben has “volunteered” this time to be next year’s club president.
  • Jim Hassenplug – owner of a security firm – he has enjoyed the Youth Exchange, his daughter having been an Outbound and he has hosted Inbound.
  • Bill Borst – previously a chemical engineer – has enjoyed visiting other clubs.
  • Courtney Bayron -- Waverly Place – involved and helping at the Santa Run, encouraging participation and fellowship as runners finished.
  • [Your Scrib While hearing others talk about Rotary, your Scribe today thought about the question, too --  my family and I have enjoyed helping at village hall inoculation clinics at the village, hosting exchange students, the opportunity to go on service trip to Guatemala, feeling welcome when visiting other clubs throughout the suburbs ( for business and to maintain Rotary attendance), the fellowship and service at shared club service projects such as holiday gift buying/wrapping, the friendships and informal business relationships built through attending club meetings, and the opportunity to get to know and work with both club and district leadership.]
For our birthdays (the reason for cake!) and our Fine FunMaster Musterings, scroll down the material after clicking on "Read more".
May 1 - Jon Ridler
May 10 - Matt Staley
May 18 - David Jaffe
May 23 - Betsy Kmiecik
May 24 - Rich Morton
May 26 - Kari Koebernick
May 27- Lynn Jensen
May 29- Bob Arnold
May 30 - DaveSchultz
                                                         Birthday Chair -  Neil Scheufler
Informative and inspiring presentations were given by three organizations receiving local charitable grants from our club.  Ranging size from $1,250 to $2,500, in one way they aren't large.  But from another perspective they have shown to be significant, practical and effective. 
Hugh Brady, center, Board Member of National Alliance on Mental Illness - Illinois, spoke about the North/Northwest Suburban Housing Task Force.  His was one of three organizations describing how our grants were used.  To find out more about them, click on "read more".
Proposal for Full Membership
Carolyn Muir
Founder of Ingage Unlimited
Amy Kitzmiller
Director of Finance
Academy of Urban School Leadership



This week, we heard from two more local organizations that received financial grants from the Club.
Suzanne Ploger,  Palatine Rotarian, and Development Director of Jouneys, the Road Home, explained ho how our grant, which paid for transportation vouchers, played an important role in helping their clients transition from homelessness.  She also gave us an update on new developments at Journeys, including the upcoming expansion of the Hope Center.  For more information about the services and programs offered by Journeys visit
Connect to Community was started to assist young adults with special needs as they transition out of educational entitlements into the “real” world.  As Barbara Tobias, explained, their primary focus is on customized employment,  but they also do educational outreach, offer social and volunteer opportunities and advocacy.  As a relatively young organization that was started in 2013, one of their challenges is managing growth.  Their Rotary grant was used to help develop a database and email platform that will help them communicate with their client base.  For more information visit
It’s time for planning to start for the 2019 Arlington Classic,   aka the Duffer Outing.   The first planning meeting will be held on Thursday, May 2 before our regular meeting.  If you can’t attend, but would like to be a sponsor or help in another way please contact Brian Meyer.  This is our second biggest fundraiser, so we’re looking for everyone to find a way to support it.
Jose Ramon Blanca, of Choula, Mexico, was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Indonesia two years ago.  Now his family is hosting Moritz Sieger, a youth exchange student who is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Potsdam, Germany.    Both are here with Jose’s grandfather, a proud 54 year Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Choula.  They all travelled to Arlington Heights to attend a family wedding.  While they were here, they wanted to attend a Rotary meeting and found our Club via our Facebook page.  Thanks to Glenn Garlick who reached out a welcoming hand.
For some time now, the Arlington Heights Library has been expanding the array of services it offers, and as we learned at Thursday’s meeting, the innovation is continuing.     The newest addition, which is still in the development stages, will be a Makerspace housed in the original library building at Belmont and Miner.  As Jack Bower, the Digital Services Manager, explained a Makerspace is a collaborative workspace where patrons can make things using high-tech tools like 3-D printers, laser cutters and vinyl cutters, or more traditional tools like sewing, embroidery and quilting machines. There will be small business incubator space for owners and entrepreneurs to network, and even a commercial kitchen that will allow the library to expand its culinary programs.  Now that the Village and Library Boards have approved the transfer of the property, closing is scheduled for June.  The target opening date will be August 2020, so stay tuned for further information.
Diane Malik, the Business Services Advisor, gave an overview of the range of services that are available for small business owners and entrepreneurs.   With access to over 100 databases, classes on  social media and technology, and a  digital media lab that can be used to design business cards, create websites or film promotional videos, there are a range of resources for local business owners.  To find out more, check out the Business Center webpage at
Jon Ridler was presented with a huge Thank You card for Rotary Reads
  • Wendy Davis reported that Viator House has several opportunities for volunteers.  If you are interested in finding out more, contact Wendy.
  • Jason Ivy announced that he is putting together an order for Russell-Hampton.  If you have lost your Rotary pin and want a replacement (or a back-up) let Jason know.
  • Mary Kendall reminded everyone of the opportunity to do a service project with the District’s Youth Exchange students on April 25.   It will be at Moretti’s Ristorante in Mt. Prospect from 6:30 to 8:30.   If you are interested, sign-up on line or contact Mary.
What do microloans, ear oximeters and a vacuum have in common, you might wonder.   As we learned at this week’s meeting, they represent three ways that grants from our Club benefitted individuals and organizations in our community.    Representing Faith Community Homes, an organization dedicated to helping northwest suburban families achieve financial stability and independence, Chuck Warner shared how our grant allowed them to enlarge their microloan program.  The microloan program lends money at no interest to help struggling families pay-off debts.   The Lutheran Home Auxiliary used a Rotary grant to purchase six ear oximeters.  Barbara Morton explained that these are being used in the Lutheran Home’s medical and memory care units for patients who cannot use a finger oximeter.  With their Rotary grant, the Arlington Heights Historical Museum purchased a museum grade, HEPA filter vacuum.  According to  museum administrator, Dan Schoeneberg the vacuum  will be used to safely clean and preserve objects in their collection, a collection which currently contains over 50,000 items. 
  • Our “first Thursday social event” for April will be held on Wednesday, April 3 at Peggy Kinnane’s at 5:30.   Please register if you are planning to attend.
  • There WILL be a meeting on April 4th.  
  • Karen Baker announced that the Community Services committee had approved the purchase of one month’s worth of groceries for Viator House.
Club members gained insights into the work being done through some of the grants given out by our Rotary club Charitable Committee.   We heard three presentations.  Abby Vombrack, Education Community Engagement Coordinator for Metropolis Performing Arts Center, told of our funds support of a program supplement scholarships to provide disabled youth with creative and social outlets through theater after they "age out" of state-sponsored support. 
Karen Oswald, Manager of Adult Education and Family Literacy, District 214 Community Education told of our funding providing vouchers to low income individuals to take the $30 G.E.D. (high school equivalency) test; the program is not allowed to  use state funds for this.  The third presenter was Cheryl Wendt, Foundation Regional Director for the Lutheran Home.  Our grant supported a Songs by Heart inter-generational program which engaged dementia patients, bringing back fond memories and some of their hidden selves.  For contact information about the three programs, click "Read more".  Our congratulations and thanks go to Chair Karen Banker and the committee !
One of the benefits of shared company memberships is seeing new faces and having additional volunteers for Rotary Service ... and maybe even more good-natured harassment at Rotary meetings !  Dr. Faustino, right, addresses the club.  He is an optometrist Northwest Eye Physicians and is one of several members from the  practice.  For his contact information, click "Read more". 
Among the annoucements 3/21 were:
  • Long-time and esteemed club member Kerry Pearson announced he has retired from his law practice.  We endorse you talking more time to "smell the roses" with your wife and son, but hope you will still take time to continue your Rotary service and fellowship here in the club.
  • Visits to Bob Heller have been much appreciated.
  • Neil Scheufler reminded us that the Metropolis Gala is 4/29, and encouraged our attendance
Thanks to Fine Fun Master Bill Kmiecik garnered contributions through a quiz about National Women's History guys and gals learned and appreciated.
Larry Kanar of Northbrook Rotary (left) speaking with Arlington club member Ron Crawford (right) about the HealthRays project in Guatemala.  Using a motivating video, he also highlighted the way Rotary's grant process works...funding which augments and amplifies the good work clubs do.  The simple X-ray units which are installed through the project bring this important tool to people in the countryside, people who in the past often had to travel for days to have an x-ray.  For more about the project, click "read More"
This past January, Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights , Chicago near South, and Lake in the Hills had the opportunity to volunteer for two of our areas of focus: Water and Sanitation and Economic and Community Development. The team of 13 headed to Bunnamweri, Uganda to build and install six Aquaponics tanks at the Saint Raphael School. The idea for this project started 8 years ago on another service trip to Guatemala where the same tanks were installed.
Thursday was our club's annual L.W. (Bill) Calderwood Officer of the Year award luncheon, held in conjunction with our Arlington Heights Police Dept. and Village.  A longtime Arlington Heights police officer who helped launch a village program to battle the opioid epidemic and a up-and-coming officer already seen as a "great leader" shared the spotlight Thursday as the department's best and brightest.   Arlington Rotary administers the Calderwood family's memorial fund set up to perpetuate the qualities and work of Bill Calderwood, long-time police chief and Rotarian. 

Cmdr. Joseph Pinnello and officer Andrew Gatz were honored as co-recipients  -- the first time there's been a tie in the 30-year history of the recognition.  Pinnello was the point man on the village's Community Addiction and Recovery Effort, which launched last July to connect residents who abuse opioids with local resources. 

In the photo, In the photo, officer Gatz accepts one of the awards.  His boss, Chief Gerald Mourning, said the young officer has "all the traits of a great leader...Gatz has devoted his personal time to training probationary officers and is known for his high level of professionalism", Chief Mourning said.  To read more about these officers, what motivates them, and the programs they have supported, click here.  [Story and photo are courtesy of The Daily Herald (Christopher Placek and Joe Lewnard). ]

Many Rotarians at today’s meeting were already familiar with Fr. Corey Brost and the Viator House of Hospitality.  Ron Crawford has provided bicycles, Chris Wood has provided free eye care, Wendy Davis and Dave Zuehlke have helped with gardening, and Rasha Ali’s mosque is a faith community partner.  For the rest of us, Fr. Corey painted a vivid picture of the challenges faced by young men, who have come to the US seeking asylum.  Upon arrival, unaccompanied minors seeking asylum are placed in federally funded shelters, characterized by Fr. Corey as “gentle detention.” 
  • Our club will be supporting Hawks Care, a new program at Harper College that offers students free food, personal hygiene supplies, school supplies, lunch/grocery/gas cards and other resources.  Betsy Kmicek is looking for volunteers for next week to help with shopping for needed items.  If interested, contact Betsy.
  • There is a volunteer opportunity to assist Midwest Blind Bowlers March 15-17 at Arlington Lanes.  For more information or details contact Karen Baker.
  • Mary Kendall has two volunteer opportunities with Junior Achievement:   She is looking for Career Day speakers for Friday, March 22 from 8-11:30 at St. Peter’s.  She is also looking for weekly volunteers to teach a Junior Achievement class to kindergarteners.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact Mary Kendeall.
  • The Rotary Book Club is meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 6:30 at Sue Ducheck’s house.  This month’s book is The Underground Railroad by Colin Whithead.  This is open to any interested Rotarian.
  • The annual Calderwood Luncheon will be held on March 9 at Rolling Green.  If you are planning to attend, you must register by end of business on February 25th.  We would like a good turnout for this annual event honoring the Arlington Heights police officer of the year.
  • Congratulations to Mary Jablonsky, who was awarded with a “Paul Harris + 3.”
Our program for Valentine’s Day included Rotary family and co-workers.  We celebrated fellowship and service with good food, good wine, and good conversation... spiced with good friends and a fun music trivia contest by music aficionado Dave Jaffe.  Is there a sparkle in the eyes of Kate and John Kent?! 
To read about our upcoming PADs food service project scheduled for next winter, click " Read More".
To our awesome group... who spread Love, Compassion, & Spirit of Giving to everyone!  Thank you for everything you do... Happy Valentines Day!
Hello Fellow Rotarians,
Below is the Winter/Spring 2019 Schedule for Rotary Reads Held at Forest View Academy
We need (5) Readers for each of the following dates:
February 14
February 20 **
March 14
March 20  **
April 11
April 16
**Note: New Date
Please email- Rotarian Marc Poulos directly if you can volunteer for one or multiple dates.   Email:
Thank you for being a Rotary Reads Participant.
Today’s speakers, Amy Philpott and Natalie Griffin are well on the way of turning their dream into a reality.  The dream, Brewing Opportunities, dba Gerry’s Café is to create an exceptional coffee shop in Arlington Heights that will employ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The café’s name is a tribute to Amy’s aunt, who in her short life was an inspiration to all who knew her.  Their goal is to hire and train approximately 30 adults to serve amazing coffee offerings and delicious food, in an environment of joy.  The goal is to open by the end of 2019, but they need help.  In addition to financial support (which is definitely needed), they are seeking service providers, architectural plans, and building trades work.  There are also volunteer opportunities to help with fundraising, menu development, café design, and staff hiring and development.  To learn more, visit their website:  For questions, contact either Natalie ( or Amy (
On January 3, 2019 our lunch speaker was Ivan Soberon Azuara, the 2014 inbound Rotary exchange student to our club.  During his time here in 2014, Ivan stayed with the Ducheks, Paddocks, and the Mormons, and enjoyed various Chicago activities, including the Cubs game, a Bears game, and a Notre Dame football game.   
Since 2014 Ivan has obtained several technical and business degrees, including an MBA, and is currently working on his PhD in business management systems.  Ivan is employed by a helicopter company in Mexico that primarily provides helicopter service to the oil and gas industry.  There are approximately 80,000 people living on the water in the Gulf of Mexico and working in the oil and gas industry.  Ivan's company provides all kinds of standard and emergency transportation to the oil and gas companies and those many employees.  The company also provides VIP transport, firefighting service, electricity powerline surveillance, and transport for geological surveys.  Ivan is the training manager for dispatch, engineering, maintenance, and helicopter pilots.  Ivan is also a Rotarian at his local club in Mexico.
... A lunch meeting, and not an evening meeting as a First Thursday. Bring you best holiday story and enjoy getting together with Rotary friends for a relaxing post holiday meeting.
p.s., over the years Rotarians have found that through our friendships and acquaintances, we can do more than we can by ourselves !
Our most recent meeting brought lunch table discussions and exploration of the types of service we would like to do locally and internationally.  We also explored the idea of a member service commitment/expectation.  To read the purpose and process of the survey, click "Read more".  There you will also see the year's service Calendar and the survey itself.
Our thanks go to the Community Service committee for this process.
November is Rotary Foundation Month, and our own Bill Kmiecik, who also serves as the District’s Annual Fund Development Chair provided a very informative overview of the Rotary Foundation.  One of the features that is unique to The Rotary Foundation is that fact that it is Rotarians around the world who determine how funds will be used, through a combination of global and district grants.   If you missed Bill’s presentation, it is worth taking a few minutes to review it.  You can download it by clicking here.  You can learn about Rotary’s areas of focus, the different ways to give, levels of recognition, how funds donated today come back to the district for future projects and more.
ACE, an acronym for Advancing Community Economics is the name of a recently approved  Inbound Global Grant program sponsored by the Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates.  Visiting Schaumburg Hoffman Estates Rotarians Jean Schlinkman, Brian Berg, and Bill Kelley gave a brief presentation on the project.  Our club is one of several area clubs that have helped to provide funding for the program which was developed to meet a  need for hard to fill skilled labor positions while helping underemployed area residents.  The program is being offered in partnership with Harper College.  Over the term of the project, it is expected that eighty scholarships for a variety of certificate programs will be offered.  One component of the program will include mentoring for scholarship recipients.  If you are interested in serving as a mentor or finding out more, please contact Brian Berg at
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